Parent Teacher Association Meeting

Meeting Objectives

  • To raise funds to help the college provide extra resources for the student by bringing together parents and professors and working towards a common goal.
  • To run social events for parents and students providing an opportunity for people to get to know each other and have fun.
  • To encourage parents to become more involved with their student’s school and to develop strong links between home and college.
  • Facilitate communication between parents, staff, and the principal.
  • As a PTA board, provide structure and leadership to our college.
  • Provide a safe playground with field improvements as necessary.
  • Update our multipurpose room so the student can learn, create and perform.
  • Support modern technology in our classrooms.
  • Coordinate and recruit executive board committee chairpersons, class representatives, and volunteers.
  • Promote students' sense of responsibility, citizenship, self-care, and compassion through special events and traditions.
VET College of Education

The Parents Association was formed in 2008. The name of the association was constituted as Parent Teacher Association. The chief objective of the association is to help the principal in maintaining the general discipline in the college and in looking after the welfare of the students. It is desired that the parents/guardians of all the students become members of the association. The last PTA was conducted on 14.10.2021. The college Chairman, Secretary, Principal, Staff members, and Parents participated in the PTA meeting.