Academic Council

The Academic Council Consists Of 16 Members

1 V.Anto Donald Edgaar Secretary
2 Dr.Rajitha M.Linus Principal
3 J.Veera Perspectives in Education
4 Mafants S.K Kalakumari Perspectives in Education
5 T.Pushpalatha Perspectives in Education
6 Dr.Velmurugan Perspectives in Education
7 S.Silvana Santhini So Pedagogy of Biological Science
8 J.Chella Soundar Pedagogy of Tamil
9 J.Elite Christilda Pedagogy of Mathematics
10 G.Sumithra Pedagogy Of Physical Science
11 P.Senthil Kumari Pedagogy of History
12 D.Venitta Pedagogy of Commerce and Accountancy
13 E.Kannan Pedagogy of Computer Science
14 K.Sreenivasan Iyengar Performing Arts
15 D.Prithivirajan Fine Arts
16 M.Venkatesh Kumaran Physical Director

Monthly Meeting Schedule

Regular Academic Council Meeting will be held on the last Friday of every month during the academic year.
Time : 3.00 - 4.30 pm